The Importance of Socialization for Older Adults

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Humans inherently yearn for meaningful relationships with others, even more so in our aging population. The Harvard Study on Aging states the biggest public health crisis older adults face is loneliness, boredom and being misunderstood. Continuous efforts dedicated to delivering top tier individualized care and service is provided by a team of highly qualified professionals who support a plethora of never-ending opportunities, keeping Trinity Terrace residents always connected. From entertainment provided by visiting musicians, performers, and artists to enjoying a delicious, nutritious, customized dish, prepared by Executive Chef Leon Rivera Ill at the “Friendship Table,” Trinity seniors can rest assured there will never be a dull moment or feeling of loneliness. “When you walk down the halls, you see a relationship with the staff and the residents and when you see that kind of relationship, you know that you’re in the right place,” recalls one of the residents reminiscing of her first days settling into her new home at Trinity Terrace.

How Socialization Benefits Seniors

Several studies conclude spending quality time with loved ones leads to the enrichment and extension in lifespans of older adults. It’s also proven to greatly benefit seniors in a multitude of ways.

Cognitive function – Engaging in frequent communication with others produces better results for maintaining cognitive function in comparison to those who do not engage in forms of communication as frequently. (Sanford Health)

Mood – Seniors who consistently stay socially connected have been found to be more content in life, self-confident, optimistic, have reduced stress levels and are less likely to develop mental disorders. (The Harvard Study on Aging)

Physical function – Socially active seniors are more inclined to experience extra health benefits like boosted immune systems, improved bone, or muscle tissue retention, decreased joint stiffness, lower blood pressure, and improved circulation. (Mather Institute Age Well Study)

Nutrition – Improved overall health can be contributed to a regularly maintained diet that keeps the body fueled for beneficial physical activities like swimming and walking. Improvement is also found in seniors becoming more regular with their eating habits. (The Journals of Gerontology®)

Improving Emotional Health and Well Being Through Socialization

Trinity Terrace makes every effort in maintaining a retirement lifestyle filled with activity, socialization, and purpose for their residents, promoting every opportunity to forge new friendships, strengthen family bonds and enjoy a care-free lifestyle. “It’s a family. It is really a great family,” says resident Marie. A 2018 published study states, “Health, physical functionality, and psychological well-being are traits of successful aging which delays the onset of disease and disability in later life, thus adding longevity for older adults to improve their life expectancy.” Trinity Terrace is always striving in their commitment to create a community setting where residents can take part in a wide range of daily social engagements like participating in dozens of interest groups, fitness classes and recreational activities, making healthy-living and improving emotional health effortless.

Specialized interests and hobbies are also available to residents beyond the grounds of Trinity, where residents can take a quick stroll and enjoy an afternoon playing a game of pickle ball at the church across the street or be empowered by an invigorating boxing session with the ex-bantamweight champion Paulie Ayala in his “Punching Out Parkinson’s” program. Trinity Terrace is equipped with a seasoned staff that offers a compassionate and insightful mindset, focused on maintain a thriving community for seniors as they age. Regardless of what stage in life older adults are at when they walk through the door, they are certain to find “A treasure trove of wonderful people,” says fitness instructor, Robin Williamson.

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Finding Success in Socialization Amid a Pandemic

Social support is a key element for senior communities in today’s environment where older adults are continually faced with ongoing isolation to prevent exposure to COVID-19. With a fully vaccinated staff and preventative measures using state of the art technology like temperature checks with Accushield, residents and their loved ones can have a peace of mind knowing their safety is a priority for Trinity Terrace and can be done without compromising emotional well-being. Even with safety protocols in place, residents enjoy the freedom of independent living where they’re able to live life on their own terms and follow their passions. According to an AASC article, positive social supports can help older people defeat loneliness and isolation. Nevertheless, social support must encompass more than physical presence or conversation. Studies have shown that social support services should contain quality activities promoting positive self-awareness.

Trinity Terrace provides an environment that allows residents to age gracefully with a philosophy of multi­dimensional wellness, offering a well-rounded understanding that encourages physical, mental, social, emotional, and cognitive health. “I love the activities!” says resident Tahita. One of her favorite activities she looks forward to every year is the Trinity Terrace Foundation’s annual gala. The gala unites the residents, staff, family, and friends for an evening of blissful memories where everyone can safely participate in singing, dancing and savor the menu of delectable delights, sure to please even the pickiest of palettes! This year’s gala, Moonlight and Music, enchanted the crowd with Trinity Terrace’s very own talented Texas Native, Ken Knight as Master of Ceremonies, internationally known Cellist Dace Sultanov, brilliant Violinist Arthur Busby, and gifted Pianists Aileen Hummel and Dr. Jamila Javadova Spitzberg, while FX Entertainment provided theatrical sound, lighting, and stage magic to complete the magical evening.

Socialization with The Fort Worth Community

Many health benefits have been attributed to a strong social life. However, The Journals of Gerontology suggests even greater benefits can be gained by interacting with a wide range of people. The study found seniors were prone to having elevated levels of physical activity, positive moods, and less negative feelings when they intermingled with people outside their normal social circle of immediate friends and family.

At Trinity Terrace, residents can embrace life and connect with their peers to celebrate precious milestones like birthdays and anniversaries on the community’s landscaped terrace, enjoying impeccable views of the Fort Worth skyline or venture out into the city and select from one of the numerous top-rated restaurants around Sundance Square. Alternatively, special moments can be kept simple with a more intimate setting and indulge in the fine arts at the renowned Kimbell Art Museum. “Since we’ve been here, over four years now, we enjoy every day seeing all our friendly neighbors. We moved from Arlington and love the proximity here to the arts,” explains a member of the community. To further enhance an easy living lifestyle, there’s never a need to worry about the logistics of reaching any of these exciting destinations with convenient on-site transportation services available, as well as the option of enjoying a leisurely walk along the beautiful Trinity River. Whatever one’s pleasure, Fort Worth is full of unique places to discover, only minutes away from Trinity Terrace.

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